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Recent Events

Precious Pieces fabricated and installed a custom made Washi wall art, for a stylish modern living space in Ne […]

We appreciate your visit at our Boutique Design NY, BDNY, 2017 booth #726 and hope that it was a great opportu […]

Please come see us at the Boutique Design Trade Fair (Booth #726) in New York! We are proud to have our Washi […]

Precious Pieces contributed to the performance”Recycling: Washi Tales” which will take place at th […]

Precious Pieces completed a phenomenal Nebuta, Japanese traditional illuminated art piece, in an upscale Japan […]

Precious Pieces completed custom handcrafted Washi work at a brand-new gallery by the High Line entrance in Ch […]

Precious Pieces collaborated with the legendary woodworker George Nakashima. Precious Pieces’ Premium Wa […]

Precious Pieces created a new material with a cutting edge technology: a fabric-like woven Washi sheet. The ne […]

We appreciate your visit at our ICFF booth and hope that it was a great opportunity to start knowing about our […]

Precious Pieces provided Washi parchment for shoji sliding doors and authentic tatami mats for floors at an ar […]

Precious Pieces restored shoji screens with class A fire retardant washi parchment for The Kitano New York, Ja […]

Enjoy Japanese hand craft tea and deserts such as green tea ice cream and black sesame creme brûlée at Cha-an  […]

Precious Pieces designed and produced a pair of 94″ x 45″ glass laminated Washi parchment sliding […]

Precious Pieces furnished one-of-a-kind Washi lanterns, floor lamps,and ceiling lights for the Four Seasons Ho […]

Precious Pieces completed interior illuminated and large sheet Washi work for the new Japanese traditional con […]

A “Washi Papermaking Experience” event was successfully completed in NYC. A demonstration of paper […]

Precious Pieces redesigned and completed a vast renovation using Art Washi Parchment. Washi was placed on an o […]

We appreciate your visit at our ICFF booth and hope that it was a great opportunity to start knowing about our […]

Precious Pieces created eye-popping scale hand made Washi maze  and lanterns for 10-thousand square foot resta […]

Precious Pieces produced a series of oversized 12ft H x 64ft W custom hand pleated Washi screens for Asia Week […]

Precious Pieces contributed to the performance “Recycling: Washi Tales” which took place at the Asia Society, […]

Precious Pieces designed and created a vast 6 ft x 15 ft Art Washi Parchment which was laminated with special […]

A variety of Custom Washi tabletop candle shades for an upscale restaurant’s dining  area were designed […]

Precious Pieces designed and completed a project for a theme-oriented upscale hibachi/ steak restaurant. We cr […]