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Precious Pieces is a full-service design / fabrication / installation company specializing in large, unique, and natural washi parchment for interior and exterior design, in fusion with customized wood work, glass work, and drapery/screen work. Precious Pieces provides clients with extraordinary services executed by creative, passionate, and knowledgeable individuals, and in partner with specialists of wood workers and suppliers.Our mission is to meet your exact specifications in providing large, exquisitely crafted pieces of the finest architectural parchment in the world.Custom pieces are our specialty, with seamless sheets available as large as 30 feet X 100 feet.
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Various sizes or binder available.
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Make an appointment at our studiowhere you can truly experience the beauty and serenity of Washi.
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Versatile custom ordering and large sheets are our speciality.
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Precious Pieces
Architectural Parchment for Interiors
Located In New York City

Phone: (212) 682-8505
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Mon- Fri 11:00am – 5:00pm EST

Email: info@precious-piece.com

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Website: www.precious-piece.com

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Architectural Parchment for Interiors

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(Precious Pieces is an affiliated of MDI)


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