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Mission Statement

Precious Pieces Mission Statement


1. Respect Nature
We provide a comfortable lifetsyle in partner with nature. We hope that Earth will always be simple and beautiful. Our services offer a well designed lifestyle in corporation of natural materials.


2. Share the Pleasure of Handcrafts
We challenge the current consumerism and industrialized production society by creating as much as possible by hand, and sharing the joy of ?andicrafts·with as many people as possible.


3. Create Imaginatively
Breaking away from the status quo, we draw from our own experience and senses to think and create imaginatively. We wish to provide customers new and innovative ideas. We continue to provide information for better understanding by the American society.


4. Explore Adventurously
New York embraces people of different nationalities, pasts, and ages in its melting pot. Emulating its passion, curiosity, adventurous spirit, and most importantly, progress, our challenge lies in bringing about the marriage of the environment and products that will be both exciting and comforting.


5. Express the Love for Japan
We wish to play the role of creating a positive relationship with Japan, using our unique products and methods to bridge the cultures. We strive to present a lifestyle of which we Japanese can be proud.