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Durability with Special Coatings

Washi Offers Increased Durability with Special Coatings

When you hear the word paper or parchment, you may picture something easily torn or prone to water damage. You may wonder how Washi parchment will hold up over time in an interior design.

Paper is stronger than you think. Compressed paper is now being used in countertops and the fashion industry. Although Washi architectural parchment is beautiful and organic, that does not mean it is weak. To further strengthen the longevity of Our Washi, special fire and water repellant coatings may be applied.


Each coating is designed to protect the parchments longevity, allowing the material to breathe as well as safeguard it from stains, environmental pollutants, and water damage. The clear coat ensures it does not detracting from the original texture of the parchment and artwork.