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Restore & Replacement of Shoji & Fusuma Doors

Restore & Replacement of Washi Parchment/Wood Work

Precious Pieces restores & replaces Shoji screens and Fusuma doors. We use genuine Japanese Washi parchment to which we can apply a flame proof finish (Class A Fire Retardant) and/or water repellent (DWR) that meets the standards of the US fire department. We also gently hand-clean Fusuma and Shoji screens frames, restore and refinish them.

We only use a homemade adhesive and a protective coating made from natural materials with all natural ingredients. Because we are specializing in natural parchment paper, with 20 years of experience in the US, our Japanese craftsmen have the expertise to care for each piece during the process.

For use commercially, e.g. in restaurants, our washi can be made with a flame proof finish (Class A Fire Retardant) which is government approved and meets all fire department and insurance requirements. In addition, it is possible to add reinforcement backing to it. We can offerfilm backing and form backing to meet your needs.

In the seventies and eighties, glass fiber was often used in the construction of window shades and screens. However, research has indicated that this material may present a health hazard. Wash is a safe replacement material with no potential damaging side effects.

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