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Reinforced Tear and Poke Proof Washi

As architectural parchment for interior or exterior, Washi is required more durability in many situation of usages. Our reinforced Washi is treated with special coating and material, therefore it has remarkable tear and poke proof quality than the other paper products for interior in the market.

On the other hand, it does not expand or shrink in any situation, so Washi can be precisely fit in interior elements you designed. At last, the most important feature is its Class-A fire retardant coating for your peace of mind and safety.

defusers for ceiling lights for the restautant

Japanese style shoji sliding doors


the texture when the light go through

poke proof

no more shoji doors with holes


tear proof

Shoji Sliding Doors with Reinforced Tear and Poke Proof Washi


Light Defuser with Reinforced Tear and Poke Proof Washi

Tear Proof Three Layer Structure


Desk Lamp — George Nakashima Woodworkers

Kent Hall Lamp — George Nakashima Woodworkers