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Doors & Sliding Panel

Precious Pieces restored Japanese traditional style fusuma sliding doors at the birth place of George Nakashim […]

Continuous patterns on a series doors, Precious Pieces’ signature style, are located between the bar and the d […]

Precious Pieces designed and produced a pair of 94″ x 45″ glass laminated Washi parchment sliding […]

Konjac plant clear coat is a safe and environmentally friendly natural coating/adhesive which develops fine dr […]

Precious Pieces completed new art work for existing shoji screen sliding doors. The traditional wooden grid wa […]

These stylish sliding glass doors with one-of-a-kind Washi were designed and installed by Precious Pieces for […]

Precious Pieces completed 9 ft high x 16 ft wide  illuminated Washi walls & doors at a penthouse residence […]

Precious Pieces can create any of our washi parchment in laminated glass. create your washi interlayer by your […]

Washi Fusuma Sliding Doors for En Japanese Brasserie Precious Pieces created a custom antique-look retro patte […]

Precious Pieces created a prestigious Japanese-style tatami floor room in the Ritz-Carlton, Westchester. The r […]

Precious Pieces provided Japanese style shoji doors using washi parchment at The Department of East Asian Lang […]

Keyaki Zaka, Hibachi Restaurant in Grand Hyatt Tokyo Precious Pieces created an intimate dining space using Ra […]