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Washi, architectural parchment, unmatched in its beauty and versatility, holds boundless possibilities for use in any interior architectural application.
From start to finish, washi is created using time-honored techniques with all natural ingredients made to fit your exact specification for your project.
With washi, the possibilities are unlimited.
 Technical Information
Technical information (11pages 4.14MB)
   Film Backing Washi
Film is applied individually onto your choice of parchment, additionally providing extra strength reinforcement. The film can also be applied to the surface of the parchment.

Maximum width 48
Either one-sided or both-sided (One-sided backing is available only on the imperforate parchment)

Applying film backing Washi with film backing for Japanese sliding doors
Japanese style sliding doors using 10 - YABU / Bamboo Grove with film backing
Front side with film backing Back side with film backing
Front side with flm backing
(Through light)
Back side with flm backing
(Through light)
UL approval backing is also available - detail


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