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News Letter

Feb 05, 2009

Get an idea from over 300 portfolio photos on our web

Precious Pieces unveils our new website that provides over 300 portfolio photos that assist you in your design search. Architectural parchment, washi for wall hang art piece, illuminated wall, lamps, doors, windows and others at your living room, entry, meditation, entertainment, and many more. Washi is a unique material that will provide you a new sophisticated elegance to your environment, giving you that extra boost to have the one of a kind space.

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All natural, sustainable, Artisan premium parchment -
-Our premium parchment is 100% eco-friendly -
Precious Pieces
Architectural Parchment for Interior Design
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Precious Pieces has an account with Smithsonian Institution and others and listed under one of the five superior Japanese Crafts business in NYC by General Consulate of Japan.



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