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Showcased at Boston Design Center (Jia Moderne)
Boston Design Center logo   Come see Washi this fall at Jia Moderne gallery, Boston Design Center Suite 329. Precious Pieces washi parchment Iro no Kumo (multi colored), 30 - MARU / Pacific Pearls, 02 - KUMO / Quilted Cloud are now being shown. >click pictures to enlarge
Explore ideas for a variety of applications for home and commercial installation including: doors, windows, screens, glass panels, exteriors, furniture, lighting,wall coverings and more. The richness of the space is topped off with a stunning piece of Washi wall art from Precious Pieces. Visit them and learn how you can incorporate this unique and environmentally friendly material into your next project.
The entrace of Boston Design Center The view from the outside of the gallery (Jia Moderne) Boston Design Guide cover
Installation view of Iro no Kumo at Boston Design Center (Jia Moderne) Installation view of Iro no Kumo and 30 - MARU / Pacific Pearls
Detail view of Iro no Kumo Detail view of Iro no Kumo
Installation view of 02 - KUMO / Quilted Cloud scroll Custom made washi parchment with special colors Custom colored 30 - MARU / Pacific Pearls
Boston Design Center :
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