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ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair/ Geoge Nakashima Woodworker booth - May, 2011

Precious Pieces supplied washi parchment (BS-001) for award winning George Nakashima Woodworker booth at ICFF 2011. George Nakashima Woodworker built the state-of-art paulownia wood framing using our washi parchment for their ceiling unit.
Booth Design by Pratt Institute Interior Design Department Exhibition Design Intensive
award booth02
asanoha lamp inside
Precious Pieces's washi parchment is also used for Nakashima's lamp shade collection.
washi ceiling
joint01 joint02
The joint parts of George Nakashima Woodworker's paulownia wood framing.
George Nakashima Woodworker:
ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair:
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