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Washi Tatami


Whether you are a Japanese transplant living in the United States, or an American interested in Asian cultural and natural living, you might like a “Japanese style” interior which should include one fundamental element: a Tatami mat room.

It is easy to create the atmosphere of a Japanese room by using “Washi Tatami” which is thinner than the Igusa straw mats traditionally used, and can be placed directly on your wood floor.

Washi Tatami has the look of straw mats, but are made with Japanese paper, Washi, which is twisted, reinforced, and surface coated.

The mats are woven in the same way as traditional tatami and Washi Tatami is designed to be resistant to water/moisture, dirt, fade, and mold. It is three times more durable than a regular tatami mat, and can be walked on with slippers or shoes without harm.

In addition, it still retains its original color, even in interiors that receive strong natural light, such as rooms in a high-rise building. Washi Tatami is treated with a natural resin coating, therefore it is excellent in repelling water, and spilled liquid can be removed simply by wiping the mats.

Two types of Washi Tatami are available: washi with a fabric hem or without fabric. Lead time is 2 to 4 weeks after.

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