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Class A Fire Retardant

Our washi can be treated with US approved Class A Fire Retardant clear coat. This zero flame spread certified varnish can be applied upon your request.

It protects against moisture, chemicals, UV rays and physical abuse, while maintaining the Class A fire protection. This treatment is designed to maintain the natural paper product’s appearance.

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color difference through the light


color change with the refraction

Comparison of Class A Fire Retardant treated and non-treated

(Zero Flame Spread:  Flame Spread Certificate  )


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1. left: Treated, Right: non-Treated

2. trying to burn Treated paper

3. Treated was scorched but not burned with a flame

4. non-Treated burned right away with a flame

5. Trying to light Treated again but it won’t burn

6. non-Treated almost burned out

The examples of use for public space (click pictures to enlarge)

example 1

example 2

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