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Washi Fusuma Sliding Doors For A Japanese Brasserie, NYC

Washi Fusuma Sliding Doors for En Japanese Brasserie
Precious Pieces created a custom antique-look retro pattern Washi for fusuma sliding doors at En Japanese Brasserie in Tribeca, NYC. In order to meet commercial use standards, Washi was reinforced and fire treated with a ClassA fire retardant.
At EN Japanese Brasserie, we offer the rich traditions of Japanese home cooking with Chef Abe Hiroki’s modern approach to washoku, a relaxed style of dining centered around a procession of small plates. Since opening in 2004, we’ve served authentic, seasonally-inspired dishes, many of which are hard to come by in New York. We are in constant contact with our sister restaurants in Japan, exchanging recipe ideas to provide a transportive dining experience. When you walk through our doors, you will feel as though you’re dining in Japan. (quoted from their official web)

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En Japanese Brasserie http://enjb.com/