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iMatter – the material library at Design Museum Holon, Israel , September, 2011

Precious Pieces showcases hanadcrafted washi parchment: 10- Yabu/Bamboo Groove & 13- Hoshi/ Star Canopy in iMatter – the material library at Design Museum Holon, Israel.iMatter has been open since 2008, and is the only material library in Israel. The library works alongside professional designers, architects, artists, and students presenting them with over 1,000 various materials to encourage inspiration, knowledge and innovation. (click picture to enlarge) Material_Library


10- Yabu/Bamboo Groove


13- Hoshi/ Star Canopy

iMatter’s objective is to mediate between the Design Professionals and the Industrialists, for co-operations and business initiatives. The Material Library’s team strives to educate the future generation of Designers and Architects to material and technology innovation and inspiration. Additionally, it offers lectures, conferences, special book promotions, tours, consulting services and more. With the opening of Design Museum Holon (2010), iMatter becomes an integral part of it. Committed to pioneering a creative arena for the exploration and examination of design principles and interpretations, Design Museum Holon will serve as a leading hub for innovation in the field of design. (quoted from iMatter website)iMatter – the material library: http://www.imatter.org.il/index.aspx
Design Museum Holon: http://www.dmh.org.il/default.aspx