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Illuminated Wall


Precious Pieces created and installed a vast 124″x 59″ Art Washi Parchment which was placed between special no […]

Precious Pieces completed a phenomenal Nebuta, Japanese traditional illuminated art piece, in an upscale Japan […]

Precious Pieces completed custom handcrafted Washi work at a brand-new gallery by the High Line entrance in Ch […]

Precious Pieces collaborated with the legendary woodworker George Nakashima. Precious Pieces’ Premium Wa […]

Precious Pieces completed interior illuminated and large sheet Washi work for the new Japanese traditional con […]

Precious Pieces redesigned and completed a vast renovation using Art Washi Parchment. Washi was placed on an o […]

Precious Pieces designed and created a vast 6 ft x 15 ft Art Washi Parchment which was laminated with special […]

Precious Pieces furnish and installed one-of-a-kind washi parchment in the “quiet room” public are […]

ICFF was Big Success! We appreciate your support! We appreciate your visit at our ICFF booth and hope that it […]

Precious Pieces completed 9 ft high x 16 ft wide  illuminated Washi walls & doors at a penthouse residence […]

Precious Pieces fabricated and installed an illuminated Washi wall art, including skilled handcrafted woodwork […]

Precious Pieces supplied custom designed parchment for TV Japan Live Studio. Custom made back lit 30 – M […]