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Recent Events

Precious Pieces/Hiro Odaira designed, created and installed Art Washi Parchment window shades for a restaurant […]

Precious Pieces/Hiro Odaira was commissioned to create a full-height Art Washi Parchment to be used as a glass […]

A cherry blossom Washi Parchment art work was commissioned by Precious Pieces/Hiro Odaira for a residence as a […]

Precious Pieces designed and created two oversized custom made Washi and hand crafted wooden frames with low p […]

Precious Pieces completed custom handcrafted Washi window shade for the private residence. It uses our Premium […]

Precious Pieces designed and created two oversized custom made Washi and hand crafted wooden frame with LED ba […]

Washi wall panelsand partitionsare used in a modern, upscale restaurant with natural elements. The light comin […]

Hiro Odaira / Precious Pieces Washi parchment was commissioned in multiple rooms of an exclusive, artful one-o […]

Precious Pieces was commissioned to create an oversized calligraphic wall art and lighting design in collabora […]

Washi provides a unique fusion of old and new. Carrying the spirit of the artisans that create it, let Washi b […]

Precious Pieces created and installed a full-height Art Washi Parchment glass wall in triplex residence locate […]

10th Anniversary Asia Week Art Show 2019 At A Chelsea Gallery Precious Pieces has a special display at the Oni […]

Precious Pieces and our specialized team repaired and restored the shoji screens‘ Washi as well as the w […]

Precious Pieces designed and created Washi Parchment show windows which was laminated with special crystal gla […]

Precious Pieces restored 38 pieces of wood-framed handcrafted shoji screens situated in a unit owned by a comm […]

Precious Pieces restored Wagasa – Japanese style paper umbrella. Our craftsman started the process by re […]

Precious Pieces created and installed a vast 124″x 59″ Art Washi Parchment which was placed between special no […]

We appreciate your visit at our ICFF booth and hope that it was a great opportunity to start knowing about our […]

Continuous patterns on a series doors, Precious Pieces’ signature style, are located between the bar and the d […]

Precious Pieces fabricated and installed a custom made Washi wall art, for a stylish modern living space in Ne […]

We appreciate your visit at our Boutique Design NY, BDNY, 2017 booth #726 and hope that it was a great opportu […]

Please come see us at the Boutique Design Trade Fair (Booth #726) in New York! We are proud to have our Washi […]

Precious Pieces contributed to the performance”Recycling: Washi Tales” which will take place at th […]

Precious Pieces completed a phenomenal Nebuta, Japanese traditional illuminated art piece, in an upscale Japan […]