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Precious Pieces designed and created two oversized custom made Washi and hand crafted wooden frames with low p […]

Precious Pieces created and installed a vast 124″x 59″ Art Washi Parchment which was placed between special no […]

Precious Pieces furnished one-of-a-kind Washi lanterns, floor lamps,and ceiling lights for the Four Seasons Ho […]

Precious Pieces completed interior illuminated and large sheet Washi work for the new Japanese traditional con […]

Precious Pieces redesigned and completed a vast renovation using Art Washi Parchment. Washi was placed on an o […]

Precious Pieces created eye-popping scale hand made Washi maze  and lanterns for 10-thousand square foot resta […]

A variety of Custom Washi tabletop candle shades for an upscale restaurant’s dining  area were designed […]

Precious Pieces provided 10 washi parchment lamps, featured premium washi parchment 21 – KAZE / Icy Wind […]

Precious Pieces fabricated and installed an illuminated Washi wall art, including skilled handcrafted woodwork […]