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Window Treatment

Precious Pieces/Hiro Odaira was commissioned to create and install Art Washi Parchment window shades for a res […]

Hiro Odaira / Precious Pieces Washi parchment was commissioned in multiple rooms of an exclusive, artful one-o […]

Precious Pieces and our specialized team repaired and restored the shoji screens‘ Washi as well as the w […]

Precious Pieces provided Washi parchment for shoji sliding doors and authentic tatami mats for floors at an ar […]

Precious Pieces restored shoji screens with class A fire retardant washi parchment for The Kitano New York, Ja […]

Precious Pieces designed and completed a project for a theme-oriented upscale hibachi/ steak restaurant. We cr […]

Precious Pieces can create any of our washi parchment in laminated glass. create your washi interlayer by your […]

Precious Pieces worked on window treatment for the Japanese – French – fusion restaurant “Br […]

Precious Pieces provided Japanese style shoji doors using washi parchment at The Department of East Asian Lang […]

Precious Pieces restored shoji screen door for the Japanese Tea Room at the Hammond Museum and the washi parch […]